TYN Feng Shui | 天外人风水教学:商店风水旺财,《三流》条件不可缺 The Three Flow Are Essential To Good Feng Shui For Shop
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天外人风水教学:商店风水旺财,《三流》条件不可缺 The Three Flow Are Essential To Good Feng Shui For Shop

天外人风水教学:商店风水旺财,《三流》条件不可缺 The Three Flow Are Essential To Good Feng Shui For Shop


The Three Flow Are Essential To Good Feng Shui For Shop

店铺风水要旺财,须具备《三流》条件,所谓三流即水流,车流及人流也。水流包括大海,河流及湖泊属于真水, 车流及人流属虚水。 五轮真水虚水皆属于流动之水,故选择店铺最好选择水停留之处。 如码头,停车场,车站,购物街及繁华热闹市区内等。

欠缺《三流》生意是不可能兴旺起来,以商铺迎接上述来水便是旺财铺。至于住宅风水居住环境以整洁幽静为宜,靠近车流之处反而对健康不利, 但其门位的开设,亦应如上述店铺开门接来水的原则决定开设门口方位,否则就对居住者的财运受到不利影响。

现在教大家如何迎接来水, 门位若是开正以下《青龙接水局》《白虎接水局》,或《朱雀接水局》,在风水上属于开门接财布局,有聚财,接财催旺财源的作用,观察方法是人站在门内向外看。

In order for shops to enjoy good business, the Three Flows are essential. The Three Flows mean the flow water, the flow traffic and the flow of human crowd. The flow of water includes sea, rivers, lakes and ponds which are true water. Whether it is true water or imitation water, they are water which flows.

Therefore. it is best to choose shop where the flow of water stops and accumulates, and these include harbors, car park, bus station, hawker streets and street in the city. Mountain and hill determine population while water determine wealth and shop which face water are most prosperous.

The lack of the Three Flow cannot bring about a flourishing business and shop which are able to capture the above element are definitely prosperous.  Whether you are purchasing or renting shops for business, you would definitely hope for good business ; and that is why you must be extra careful when choosing a shop. This is because it will dictate the success or failure of your business in future. As for resident Feng Shui, it is more important to maintain cleanliness and tidiness as it would be rather unhealthy living in areas with heavy traffic flow or the flow of crowds. However,  it is essential to have the door in a position which is able to receive inflow of water just like shops, otherwise it will adversely affect the wealth of its occupants.

How to position the door so as to receive wealth and make business flourish

Now let me tell you how to receive incoming water. If the door is positioned at the <Azura Dragon> position, <White Tiger> position, or the <Phoenix Bird> position, then they belong to feng shui position to receive wealth which accumulate, receive and catalyze wealth. The way to determine is to stand inside the doorway and look outwards.

《青龙接水局》<Azura Dragon>

If the traffic comes from the right hand side, then it it best if the door is build on the left. This arrangement is also knows as the flow of right water in to left


《白虎接水局》<White Tiger>

If the traffic comes from the left hand side, then the door should build on the right. This arrangement is also knows as the flow of left water in to right

《朱雀接水局》<Phoenix Bird>

If there is a field, squares, car park, or open space, then it is necessary to build the door in the middle.


以上几种开门接水局在形势上有利财运,但风水讲究峦头与理气风水相配。 故门位找到吉利的接水局也须有吉利旺财的飞星相配合,方能确保收到催吉旺财的良好效果。

It is necessary to complement the arrangement for receiving water with the flying star theory to ensure best result

The above methods for positioning the door to receive water benefits wealth but from the feng shui point of view, it is necessary to complement these with circumstances. Thus although the door may be positioned with an auspicious arrangement, it must be completed with auspicious Flying star theory before auspicious and good result may be obtained.

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