Thean Y Nang is the master of Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics who does recce of the property and provides a full consultation to our clients. Each property will be assessed based on Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Stars), Yi Jing and Five Elements. The master will give detailed elaboration of the property’s Feng Shui, including good and bad conditions of the property, as well as how to turn negative things around for the better.

After undertaking the assessment and comparison, a comprehensive report with computer generated layout plan will be given to the clients. This is particularly essential for which the report is customized to personal consultation, describing the compatibility between the house and the main occupant in terms of BaZi (Astrology), Feng Shui, wealth luck, auspiciousness or inauspiciousness.

However such report is not commonly provided by other Feng Shui masters. The report also shows the various sectors that are either beneficial or unbeneficial for you, such as the Diagram sector, Wealth sector, Intelligence sector, Career sector, Peach Blossom sector, Calamity sector, individual favourable sector and etc. You will be able to understand if your house is in favour of you, the benefits and disadvantages it brings, whether to stay on or to apply Feng Shui remedies to usher good luck. We provide personal consultation that is beyond providing general Feng Shui advice.

Get A Complimentary Computer-generated Feng Shui Report

Thean Y Nang is a very experienced Feng Shui master who will help you improve the Feng Shui of your house by applying certain remedies that are efficacious, instead of advising the client to move out of the house that has bad Feng Shui, where certain Feng Shui masters do. This can help you enhance the flow of energy and Feng Shui in your house at minimum cost, avoiding unnecessary financial burden.

For washroom, kitchen or main door that have negative impact on the house Feng Shui, the master will not require you to spend a significant amount of money on renovation or buy expensive item to mitigate the negative effects. As an alternative, he will guide you to apply simple cures to improve luck and ward off mishaps.

The master will undertake assessment that requires sufficient time as he will use Feng Shui ruler with high precision to determine the center point of the house, kitchen, bedroom and etc. This is an uncommon practice and you can rarely get such service from other Feng Shui masters. Without this ruler and exact measurement, it is hard to determine the 24 directions or sectors of a property which include the Wealth sector, Favourable sector, Intelligence sector and Killing sector precisely.

In Feng Shui, each of the 24 directions has only 15 degrees difference. Oftentimes there is just a fine line between good sector and bad sector. A small mistake can cause significant impact on you property’s Feng Shui especially if the Wealth sector is determined wrongly as Killing sector. Hence, it is advisable to get Feng Shui consultation from the professional and experienced master.

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