Date : Wednesday, 5th April 2017

According to folklore, when people die, three souls shall leave their body of which one shall go to the heaven, the second goes to grave and the third shall stay at the home’s ancestral tablet for their descendants to attend to the worship rituals at home. Tomb Sweeping Day, also known as Qingming Festival is a traditional Chinese festival whereby the Chinese people commemorate deceased relatives by cleaning their tombs and ensuring the tombs are in good condition. In Feng Shui, there is a belief that the condition of tombs and their surroundings can affect the living of their descendants particularly in the respect of health and wealth.

1. Hence, it is imperative to look out for damages in the tombs, and take immediate action to repair the damages. Weeds and stagnant water surrounding the tombs should also be cleared away. If the descendants are suffering from ill fortunes such as having poor health and dwindling luck, they are advised to visit their ancestors’ graves during Qingming Festival to pray to their ancestors for protection and blessings.

2. For couples who wish to have child, they may prepare a large pumpkin on a day before Qingming festival, and wash the pumpkin in the morning of the Qingming Festival before cooking it. Do not cut the pumpkin, but put the whole pumpkin into a pot filled with water and boil it until it is cooked thoroughly. When the time reaches 12 p.m. (afternoon), both husband and wife are advised to sit next to each other and eat the pumpkin chunks with chopstick together. By doing this, your wish may come true. If the pumpkin could not be finished by the couples, the extra portions could be shared with other family members.

3. One or two days before the Qingming festival is known as “Cold Food Day”. Eating red eggs can bring good luck to the family. Firstly, you will need to prepare nine hard-boiled eggs and dye the shells of the eggs in red. Secondly, put them in the living room from 12 p.m. until late afternoon and then share the eggs with your family. This will strengthen the Yang Qi and subsequently boost you luck in the aspects of career, health and wealth.

4. To avoid calamity or negative effects throughout the year, you may place some willow branches on the door during the Qingming Festival. This will also lead the soul of past ancestors home for living descendants to pay respects to them.

5. For those who wish to stay youthful and live a long life, regardless of males or females, may place some willow branches in the bedroom, living room or office. On Qingming Festival, willow branches are used to ensure longevity, ward off evil spirits and eliminate toxic substances. In addition, these branches are believed to be efficacious in the evocation of Beauty God that bestows people with good appearance and longevity.