Houses Feng Shui 屋宅风水

Thean Y Nang Guide to Buying a New House

How to choose a prosperous home and avoid a disastrous one.

Look at the immediate environment to ensure that it is free of negative energies.

The surrounding location is an important factor to consider when buying or renting a house. A house with good Feng-shui will generate positive energy and benefits residents in the long run. Avoid houses that face or next to a road junction, bridge, signboard, government agencies, police station, fire department, hospital, or garbage dump. Do not select a house where the road curve is like a blade or U-shaped, with cross junction in front of the house or in between two buildings. Beware of the sharp corners of buildings, blinding light reflections and impact of noise because all these may affect your health and wealth.

Bad interior design may affect the health of your family.

Bad interior designs such as doors facing doors, kitchen doors facing the front window or bathroom doors facing windows should be avoided. These structures may lead to money flowing in and out swiftly. In order to prevent injuries and bad luck, the location of the kitchen, master bedroom, living room and bathroom will have to be considered thoroughly. Houses that does not offer any customisations such as condominiums, Thean Y Nang offers many Feng-shui mascots to counteract the negative effects of ill interior designs.

Houses built on lower level or triangle-shaped property may bring inauspiciousness.

If your house is built on a triangle shaped base, you will encounter potential financial loss, bodily harm and negative gossips. Flood is more likely to happen if the house is built on lower level, and its residents tend to get angry easily or have a sense of insecurity.