Bazi 八字

Caesarean Based On Bazi Could Improve the Destiny of the Child

Fate of Human Is Determined by the Time of Birth, Not By the Ways of Delivery

Fate of human is determined by the time of birth, not by the ways of child delivery.The fate of a child will not be influenced by hospital chosen for child delivery, the doctor in charge, whether it is natural birth or caesarean but the time of birth matters. Thus, choosing caesarean method for child birth based on Bazi calculated is reliable for the child to have good fate and luck. Caesarean method is relatively reliable and safe; hence many parents would seek advice from Numerology Master to get a good Bazi for the to-be-born child.

It is advisable to consult a genuine Master with broad knowledge about Bazi and have extensive experience in applying the knowledge on selecting Bazi for child birth and to avoid consulting those who dubbed as famous Master by media but without core competence.

Giving Birth to a Child Based on Bazi Selection Could Improve the Fate of The Child for Which Was Supposed to be unfavorable

The most important benefits of giving birth based on Bazi selection is that it could provide the child with good characteristics and good health. Furthermore, the child will also have good study luck, better career advancement, and a steady and prosperous life ahead. Having a good Bazi for the child may help him or her to have a smoother life without much calamity. However, it is not guaranteed the child will have everything perfectly granted as nothing is perfect in this world.

Difference between Selection of Bazi and Selection of an Auspicious Date and Time for Child Delivery from Chinese Almanac (通胜)

Selecting an auspicious date and time for child delivery is not equals to selecting a good Bazi. Almanac has been used by Chinese society since ancient times but there is not any date has been stated as favorable or unfavorable for giving birth. Normally people will choose an auspicious day and time based on the Chinese Almanac for a safe and successful child delivery.

Having Auspicious Date and Time Does Not Mean to have a Good Bazi; Born with Good Fate Is Influenced by Having a Good Bazi, Not Depends on the Auspicious Date and Time One Is Born

Although the Chinese Almanac could provide reference and guidance on how to seek luck and avoid calamity, but it cannot be fully applied on selecting suitable date and time for child delivery as other factors such as the parents’ luck, their zodiac sign and inborn elements need to be taken into account as well.

The fate of a child is ultimately influenced by Bazi rather than of having born on an auspicious date and time. So why not select a good Bazi for the child?

Using BaZi for Selection of Wedding Date

To have a fulfilling marriage, couples who are referring to Chinese Astrology for guidance with regard to their big day are advised to ensure that the wedding dates chosen are conducive and perfectly fit for them.

Precise Date Selection Methodology: Zodiac Sign and BaZi of the Prospective Spouses Should Be Taken into Account In Respect of the Wedding Date Selection

A genuine and precise methodology is used in the selection of auspicious date for wedding purpose. The methodology takes into account the zodiac and BaZi of the couple in selecting the most suitable date that favors both parties meanwhile avoid clashing with inauspicious Sha Stars like Three Killings, Sky Bright Star and Xun Chong. It is to take note that a date which is good for one party may not be good to the other party due to the differences of zodiac and BaZi between the couple.

Hence, couples who get married on the same date and time may not have the same outcome in their marriage; some may have a fulfilling marriage and a propitious life while some may have bad luck and problems in their marriage. This is because despite the date selected is generically a good date for wedding but it might not match the individual zodiac and BaZi of the couple which in turn giving negative effects. Thus, it is unwise to select wedding date using Chinese Almanac without taking note of the zodiac and BaZi of the couple.

The Three Niang Sha and Dong Gong Date Selection Day Should Be Ignored During Date Selection Considering That They Are Not Originated from the Five Element Analysis

It is to avoid getting married on inauspicious days such as Year Breaker day, Four Separation Day and Four Exhaust day. Thus, we would definitely avoid selecting those days for wedding. In addition, certain claims of Sha days such as the Three Niang Sha and Dong Gong Date Selection should be ignored in wedding date selection since they are not based on analysis of inter-inhibition and interpromotion of the Five Elements.

Master Thean Is Capable of Helping Clients in Selecting Wedding Date for Next Few Calendar Years

In terms of wedding date selection, Master Thean is able to help clients in selecting wedding date even if the date falls on the next few calendar years. This is an exclusive service in Malaysia, perhaps in Asia. Normally Feng Shui Master will only help clients to select good wedding dates of the current year, not the following year and beyond. This is because most of them rely on the Chinese Almanac for selecting wedding dates, and thus they are unable to do the date selection if Chinese Almanac of the coming year is yet to publish.

Master Thean is a subject matter expert in Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology as well as Date Selection. He is capable of helping clients in selecting auspicious date for wedding even if the date falls on the next few calendar years attribute to his extensive knowledge and 30 years of experiences and researches on the areas. In addition, the selection made by Master Thean is precise and serves the purpose of having a propitious and fulfilling marriage.



人的命運是由出生時間確定的而不是由生產方式確定,不管哪間醫院生產、哪個醫生接生、是剖腹生產還是自然生產,都不會影響孩子的命運,能夠影響命運的是其出生的時間。所以選八字剖腹產子的理論是可以成立和相信的。現代醫學昌明,人工分娩相當安全可靠,於是很多父母都會為將要誕生的子女請命理師選一個好八字,以便讓其出世后有一個好命格和好運氣,擇選八字剖腹生產是人類將操縱命運的企圖 變成事實的一項偉大創舉,是一項複雜深奧的創設工程和困難的工作,也是改造後天命運的一門高深學問。

找人選八字剖腹生產要選擇八字命學精湛高深,有其本領的明師。 所以非一般命理學識平庸的命理師所能做到,必須具備在八字學具有高深的造詣和豐富的實際經驗,如果達不到以上的水準是沒有資格替人選八字剖腹產子。因此未來兒女的父母找命理師為胎兒選八字造命一定要挑選一位八字命理學問精湛高深,同時在給人選八字製造好命格方面又具備了真本領的明師,而不是靠外表包裝,媒體抬高捧紅而沒有真材實料的所謂【名】師。







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