Feng Shui Master Predictions Forecast Year 2017

Outlook of Malaysia in Year 2017

Every year, the flow of energy – Chi will change accordingly. Malaysia is located in the Southeast of the world and this year will find the flying star “Nine Purple Star” residing in the nation. This is an auspicious star that will denotes prosperity and good luck. With the presence os this star, the overall luck of Malaysia will be improved and there are abundant opportunities in the various industries. Businesses can expect bountiful gains attributed to the favourable market prospects. However, some unfavourable impact to the businesses are expected due to the co-presence of Seven-Red-Star and Three-Killing-Star besides Nine-Purple-Star this year.

The presence of Qi-Men-Dun-Jia and Purple Star Astrology denotes lurking ominous sign, and with the presence of the two Stars in the year, Malaysia is likely to have both good and bad prospects, where instability and turbulence in economy is expected. The negative impact will be worsen attributed to the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of the government in managing and implementing dynamic plans, thus causing the country’s development losing out to other countries.

Malaysia appears to be “work hard to make money” in the flying star chart. People must work harder for visible results and foreign trade businesses seems to be grabbed by strong competitors in neighbouring countries, resulting in poor performance and reduction in profits. Natural disasters that happens in neighbouring countries will also leave and impact to Malaysia, leading to economic slowdown. On top of that, the relationship of Malaysia with diplomatic countries will be having some changes leading to the rise of disputes and bringing negative impacts to the nation. According to the Bazi Chart the nation is likely to encounter political and economic reformation. Hence, it is advisable to be alert when making business decisions by taking heed of the current issues or changes that occurs as means to avoid unnecessary financial losses.

Erratic fluctuations in stock market, high risks in investments

The housing industry in Malaysia shows signs of increasing supply. Due to intense competition, more and more buildings, shops and houses will be built. When the demand is less than supply, small-scale housing developers may encounter bankruptcy. Investments prevalently consists of certain degrees of risks, the stock market this year is likely to face erratic fluctuations where market price is expected to have drastic change, and the risk of stock investments is extremely high compared to 2016. Stock market is expected to have ups and downs in the beginning of the year, while middle of the year will see unpredictable variation. The stock market is expected to stabilise and see gradual improvement after the month of August (lunar calendar). Investors should take extra precaution and consider before making any investment decisions.