Nine-Eyed Ancient Dzi Beads 九眼老天珠



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Accumulation of meritorious virtue, avoids suffering and obtains happiness.

The Origin of Dzi Bead

The earliest written history about Dzi is in Tang Dynasty (641 A.C). When Princess Wencheng got married to Tibetan King, she brought in an abundance of valuables and the most expensive betrothal gift was a Buddha statue adorned with over one hundred of various Dzi beads. Now, the statue is placed in the Jokhang Temple for prayer.

“Pure” Dzi Beads

Valuations of Dzi Beads are determined by the age, texture, number of eyes and cinnabar dots. Old Dzi Beads are natural agate beads that have over one hundred year of history, and there are either having a strong opaque base colour in the centre or cinnabar dots and weathering marks.

The positive spiritual benefits of wearing Dzi Beads including the ability to boost wealth luck, improve health, ward off evil spirits, ease harmful effect and etc. A special ritual or to cite incantations for cleansing the Dzi Beads by master is advisable if you wish to enjoy the benefits.

唐朝贞观十五年(641年) 文成公主入藏并带有大量的贵重文物,珍宝,当中最为珍贵的是一尊佛像, 佛像上的一百多颗各式各样的天珠就是最早被带入西藏的天珠. 现在这尊佛像被拱奉在拉萨大昭寺的释迦殿内.
老天珠一般是指百年以上的天珠,材料质必须是玛瑙, 中间部位不透光或带有朱砂与风化纹才是老天珠.


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