Ling Cao Body Foam 500ml 灵草沐浴露




改良新包装,加量不加价。 450ml 升级 500ml 药材更多,开运功效更强

According to the Heart Sutra, the secret formula of this body foam is based on the principle of Yin-Yang and Five Elements. With Buddhist chant, it is believed that the goodness of ingredients can help to ward off evil spirits and protect you from bad luck. This is a specially-formulated body foam or powder where all the integrated ingredients (herbs and spice plants) can exert a powerful or great force in attracting more positive energies and thus providing you increased wealth opportunities.

增益催财灵草沐浴露 佛经记载以密宗增益灵验大法,沐浴开运秘诀加上有除掉衰气增强运气等功效的植物,依阴阳相合,五行相生的原理,并以符咒法印施愿加持配制而成。用此秘法制造出来之香粉或露液,各种植物性质功能差异的植物能互相协调融和,能聚集发挥强大能量,从而能产生催财开运等宏大功效。

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Dimensions 60 × 215 mm


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