Ling Cao Body Foam 450ml 灵草沐浴露




《Ling Cao body shampoo》 This is made of best quality herbs according to Buddhist Mi-zong luck promotion formula used To promote wealth luck, prevent evil and get rid of danger.

Ingredient: Patchouli,thyme leaf, aromatic ginger, Fortune Eupatorium Herb Angelica dahurica,  Argy Wormwood Leaf,  aromatic ginger & many more


照财开运,   驱邪消灾,   除秽净身,人缘和合,   消毒护肤,   芬芳怡神, 清洁神枱,神像及佛像等

珍贵花木草药成份有: 霍香,千里香,薄荷,佩兰,艾叶及白芷等

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 190 mm


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