Tantric Mantra Wheels (Turn Peril into Safety)消业息灾除障护摩咒轮




Turn Peril Into Safety (to burn mantra wheel and perform worship)

It will help to mitigate the consequences brought by whatever disasters and turn things around for the better throughout the year. It is very efficacious for worshippers who wish to have favourable health outlook. You can expect a peaceful and safe year ahead as this will be able to avert disaster, particularly unforeseen calamity which may be caused by activities (done at inauspicious date or time) such as construction, shifting and marriage.


功能消除天灾瘟疫,调伏怨敌,调整精神失衡,对于求健康求寿求平安有灵效。 化解举行搬迁动土及婚嫁因日辰犯煞不吉所带来的凶灾厄难,可藉其功德扭转恶运,事事化险为夷如意吉祥。